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Tax Appeal Victories In New Jersey Creating Fiscal Crisis

  From April 1 marks the last day for New Jersey residents to file property tax appeals. More than 116,000 tax appeals were filed in New Jersey by April 1, 2012, the highest in more than two decades, and it resulted in more than $4.6 billion in reduced assessments in New Jersey municipalities. While […]

Westfield Realtor Offers Free Tax Appeal Assistance For Homeowners

  From PR News: In 2012, according to the Department of Treasury’s Division of Taxation, more than 90,000 residential tax appeals were filed in New Jersey — the highest since 1992 and more than triple the number filed in 2007. Spurred by sagging home prices — along with often inaccurate and outdated assessments – state […]

For Homeowners Seeking Tax Appeals, Many Remain Unprepared

  From New Jersey Herald: For desperate homeowners, meanwhile, the opportunity to obtain a reduced property assessment — and, by extension, a break on their property taxes — is a small consolation that is hard to pass up after the economic wipeout they have endured the last few years. But misinformation about the process abounds, […]